Durel Lend

True Neutral Elven Wizard


STE 13
DEX 17
CON 16
INT 18
WIS 14
CHA 11

Eyes: Pale violet
Hair: Platinum blonde
Age: 148
Height: 6’ 1"
Weight: 117lb.
Alternate racial trait : Blended view – low light vision, darkvision to 60 ft.
Spell School: Universalist
Languages Known: Common, Draconic, elven, Goblin, Orc

Traits: Deft Dodger, Forlorn, Theoretical Magician
Drawback: Anxious

Drawbacks: Anxious – when speaks typically doesn’t speak louder than a whisper. Has a – 2 to diplomacy .


Early Life : Durel’s mother was a mystic druid of the caves. While many chose to keep the greenery of above safe she chose to study the world that lay beneath. The Caves below have their own beauty and natural wonders. She sought to purge this hidden realm of the horrors that it contained. She chose not to have an animal companion but poured her study into the domain of caves. Her skills assisted many parties as they delved into the deeps below. While on one of these excursions, she was the last survivor of her adventuring party.

Three months later she escaped her captors, but found her captors had left her with child. When Durel was 9 months old she and her mother traveled to an elven city, but after a couple of days the guards asked them to leave. Something was not right with the child, and they felt mother and daughter should leave. They would be allowed to visit a few days out of the year, but never to live in the city.

Forced aways from their family, the two of them looked for a place to call home. Finally taking up recidence with an enclave of Nethys scholars, and wizards as their gardener and grounds keeper. It was those scholars that noticed the talents that Durel had, and helped nurture them.

Later Life: Pending

Durel Lend

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