Glovana Beer-Drinker

Dwarf Female with long Auburn hair


Giovana was born in Absalom to surface dwelling dwarfs who had also been born to surface dwelling dwarfs from Absalom who had also been born to some surface dwelling dwarfs from Absalom. In fact she could trace her family back six hundred years, all dwelling on the surface and all living in Absalom.

Her family brews alcohol both for dwarfs and for others consumption and she was expected to follow in their beards, however following a dream she had one night Giovana became a cleric of Cayden Cailean, The Drunken Hero. She left her home of Absalom, and traveled to the River Kingdoms, where she eventually made it to the Emerald Spire.

Giovna has never told anyone about her dream but it was obviously strong enough to change the path of her whole life.

Glovana Beer-Drinker

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